Old Letter 1724

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Old Letter 1724


This is a setting I had the idea some weeks ago. Someone writing an letter (in the 18th century). Since I got not all props (feather, small candle,..) I needed, I tried to make the best with the things I found. Don't think too long about the window and the shadows.
btw: The letter is a real letter from 1724.

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  • beautiful picture
    [reply]Olivier Jules @ 08/01/2009 21:30:04
  • When you told me the idea of this composing two weeks ago, I was sure that this one will be perfect.
    Now when I see your beautiful picture you even topped my imagination.
    Really good set-up and exposure. The only thing I don't like that much is the window and lightning from the top left corner.
    [reply]Bernhard @ 12/01/2009 16:07:15
  • I don't like the window either. But I thought it would add a nice touch. Here is a photo without the window:
    [reply]Daniel @ 12/01/2009 17:53:13

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