Dolphins, Egypt (UW / P & S)

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Dolphins, Egypt (UW / P & S)


I'm back from our Holiday (Egypt). Here is a picture I've taken with my old Canon A80 (4MP) Point & Shoot Camera (+red filter) - for that camera I've an underwater housing. We've been snorkeling on the south reef of our hotel (pretty far away down south the reef - about 1 hour snorkeling south) and suddenly there have been this two dolphins. They stayed about 5 Minutes with us diving and playing around. They have been so close to us that I didn't have had to zoom to get this photo. We could almost touch them. Post Work: Flipped, Curves & Levels

Category: [Under Water]   Tags: Dolphins Egypt Holiday Point_n_Shoot Under Water


Focal length: 7.8125 mm
Exposure: 1/500 sec
Aperture: f 3.5

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